Ripped: A Hitman Romance - Jove Chambers

Ripped: A Hitman Romance

By Jove Chambers

  • Release Date: 2016-06-21
  • Genre: Suspense
Score: 4
From 321 Ratings


Cade “Ripper” Davies
I don’t do attachments. I don’t do affection.

I do my job, and it’s all I need. I’m a contract killer, and I’m a bad man.

But this girl, Shell, she’s getting to me. She started out as a convenient hostage, a means to an end. But for some reason, I’m keeping her safe, even though it means turning against a man I once considered my best friend.

There’s something about her, and not just that she’s sexy as hell. I can’t get her out of my head, and I can’t let her go.

Shell Birch
The first thing I notice about Cade is that he’s ridiculously attractive. The next thing I notice is that he’s pointing a gun at me. I’m not one of those girls who gets hot for dangerous men, but let me tell you, the shoulders on this guy… Looking at his hard, broad body makes me warm in all the wrong places.

He’s got a filthy mind and clever fingers, and he makes me dizzy when he touches me. I’m at his mercy, completely and utterly.

I’ve see another side of him, something unguarded and honorable. That side of him takes me and makes me his. But I can’t be his… not with the kind of life he leads, not with the kind of demons he has.

Oh, and I think I might be pregnant.

This a standalone romance novel with a HEA and no cliffhanger.



    By ramelo78
    This was a great book to read! It had everything in it ! Can’t wait to read the next one!
  • So stupid

    By straighttalker198
    Dumber than dumb
  • Great read

    By Krystal 🖤
    I loved the book but wish it had more of an ending versus leaving us kind of hanging. Otherwise great read could not put it down!
  • Ripper

    By MsCulp
    The book was a good read overall. Some of the sex scenes were not necessary.
  • decent

    By GimmeGimme21086
    I liked this because the characters are messed up and raw and real... ish. I mean it’s far fetched of course, but the main characters definitely feel more developed than many characters in similar books. I liked the hitman story line, and plenty of “clutching my pearls” moments 😉