Dirty Player - Stacey Lynn

Dirty Player

By Stacey Lynn

  • Release Date: 2016-12-11
  • Genre: Contemporary
Score: 4.5
From 198 Ratings


As MVP tight end for the Rough Riders, I'm used to getting what I want. When I want. 

If my sexy as sin looks don't seal the deal, my larger than life bankroll does.

Plus, once women see what I'm packing below the belt, they always come back for more. And I'm happy to oblige, before sending them on their satisfied way. 

None of that matters now. My sights are set on a Super Bowl ring—kicking ass on the field and staying focused are my only options, getting distracted is not.

Then Shannon Hale shows up and suddenly I'm fumbling like a rookie over the quarterback's sassy little sister. 

She's not like other women. Wants nothing to do with me... NFL's resident playboy. The harder she pulls, the more I push. 

Now the only game I want to win involves getting her in my bed, but I still have one little problem. She's very much off limits.

Good thing I've learned when you're playing for keeps, sometimes you have to play dirty.


  • i liked it but....

    By mamaladybug15
    there was sooooo many pages just about sex. don’t get me wrong, i like erotica. but i felt over half of the book was just about sex.
  • Dirty Player

    By 4bu2
    Wickedly awesome steamy football story, with everything one could imagine. A sexy young quarterback who was just traded. An off the charts handsome wide receiver, alpha, cynical, egomaniac, womanizing and the best receiver in the league not looking for commitment just a one night stand and a Super Bowl ring. When Oliver our wide receiver meets his new quarter he is with a beautiful dark haired women he immediately wants for his own, he soon learns this mystery women is Shannon the quarterback,s sister. Here is where these characters begin there roller coaster relationships. This story will pull all of your heartstrings as they play the biggest game of there lives. Definitely a five star read!
  • Great read!

    By ninja052997
    Well written and very enjoyable!
  • A Good Read!

    By jmsz.1321
    I really enjoyed this book - it was very well written! No noticeable grammar errors, the characters are developed, and a decent story line. The plot isn't very original but that shouldn't deter anyone from reading this book. For how many books have very similar plots, this one is one of the better ones. My main issue is that the main female, Shannon, forgives the main male, Oliver, extremely fast and it came off very rushed as a way to finish the story faster. I would recommend this book and I plan on reading other pieces from this author as I was pleased overall.