The Bricklayer - Noah Boyd

The Bricklayer

By Noah Boyd

  • Release Date: 2010-01-26
  • Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers
Score: 4.5
From 267 Ratings


“Terrific pace, surprises galore….Move over Jack Reacher, here comes The Bricklayer.”
 —James Patterson

There is a brand new master on the thriller scene. Noah Boyd makes a truly spectacular entrance with The Bricklayer—the first in an explosive new series featuring former FBI agent Steve Vail that recalls the #1 bestsellers of John Sandford and Lee Child. An ex-FBI agent himself, Boyd adds gritty insider knowledge and color to this stunning novel, and the word on the street is The Bricklayer is fabulous. Kay Scarpetta’s creator, New York Times bestseller Patricia Cornwell, calls it, “Dazzling,” while Lee Child himself raves, “Non-stop action and non-stop authenticity make this a real winner.”


  • The Bricklayer

    By Retired in the desert
    I LOVED THIS BOOK! Thank you for writing it! Several twists, action and humor very engaging. Can’t wait to read the next one!
  • Loved it!

    By Santa Barbara Real Estate
    One of the more enjoyable reads, really. Steve Vail and Kate Bannon are great together. Great storyline, great pacing, awesome bad guy(s), and keeps you on the edge of your seat till the very end. And, some very funny moments too.
  • Great read

    By Rfw06
    Loved this book. Just enough sarcasm, wit and suspense to keep you reading until the end. Look forward to future reads by the author.
  • Outstanding

    By Ephemera Danica
    Got to this book via Book Bub which normally leads to mediocre reads. This one however was out of the box! A great balance of mystery and intrigue and one of those books you look forward to getting back to. If you like the crime genre with a complex but well thought out plot then this is well worth a try.
  • The Bricklayer

    By Ellebeebee
    Vacuous characters, ridiculous premise. Basically a stringing together of preposterously complex techno traps for the protagonist with some mandatory sexual teasing thrown in.
  • The Bricklayer

    By diva ski
  • The Bricklayer

    By SherryD.
    Great reading good story line, looking forward to another book by this author
  • Terrible!!!

    By EmilyGilmour
    Not sure what is worse - the juvenile dialogue between the two main characters or the storyline that has them on a constant treasure hunt following the most random clues...
  • Starts with a bang, ends with a bleh

    By horowitz101
    Seemed very promising at first. Compelling storyline, moves fast. But there were 2 major issues that made me feel in the end that I had wasted my time. The first big problem is that I saw the major plot twist/surprise at the end of the book coming from the first moment the character in question was introduced. I kept hoping I'd be wrong, but nope, it had indeed been telegraphed in the most obvious, hamfisted way. The second issue had to do with how contrived the major dramatic moments were. Anyone remember Dr. Evil and his unnecessarily slow-moving dipping mechanism? This book basically just moves from one unnecessarily slow-moving dipping mechanism to the next, straining the bounds of credulity by introducing us to an ingenious criminal mastermind who's simultaneously not smart enough to simply grab his gun and shoot the guy who's relentlessly hunting him down, despite numerous easy opportunities to do so. It's a shame, because the book came highly recommended by someone whose opinion I trust, and I really wanted to like it. And the writer seems like he has some promise, having created both some compelling characters and clever scenarios. But in the end it wound up making me feel like it was amateur hour -- a very good try by a wannabe/self-published hobbyist, as opposed to the feeling you get when you know you're in the hands of a pro. I gave it two stars because I couldn't muster the enthusiasm to say it was "OK," but really, if given the option, I would've gone for 2.5.
  • Awesome read!!

    By jdgcvn72
    Completely and utterly thrilling! This is what a good crime novel is all about.