Frankenstein - Mary Shelley


By Mary Shelley

  • Release Date: 1822-12-31
  • Genre: Fiction
Score: 4
From 5,417 Ratings


The title of the novel refers to a scientist, Victor Frankenstein, who learns how to create life and creates a being in the likeness of man, but larger than average and more powerful.


  • Frankenstein

    By OldGuy22730
    Much more intriguing than the movies made. This tale and its thought provoking narrative are truly the seeds of reflection for each person.
  • Can’t read it

    By LaPoodella
    I downloaded this book and now I cannot access it to read it. I have tried everything. Very frustrating. Same with the Complete Works of Shelley.
  • Oh My!!

    By arborann
    Astonishing story! A must read. Ms. Shelley started this at 18 years old and it was published when she was 20. I deeply regret not being around to know her.
  • Masterpiece

    By RobbieEL
    Loved this. I reread your it often
  • Hi

    By Fin912
    5000th review what’s up
  • A true classic!

    By The Critiques
    This book will be forever kept on the forefront of the mind, the back of the conscience and the mantle of many homes!
  • Words!

    By everyothernicknameistaken😭
    Too long. Too many. I understand it was written a long time ago, but seriously? When I started reading the 1st letter, I read the entire thing 4 TIMES and couldn’t help skipping words. It’s not eye-catching. Wizard of OZ? Understandable. Harry Potter? Easy. Frankenstein is hard to read. Why is it in ‘young adults’? I can read most young adults books. NOT THIS. Sorry if I insulted anybody. It just not eye catching.
  • Very moving

    By Platino_Argento
    Very touching and poignant towards the end. Well-written and imaginative.
  • Such an emotional roller coaster!

    By Lucian_Black
    I’m in love with this book! First time reading it and I can’t believe I have never had the opportunity to read it.
  • A Classic and a Good Read

    By Purpah Jesus
    Good story, but a little slow at times. Or course you can’t expect everything to be action packed all the time. I always appreciate a story about the descent into madness and this one definitely has just that. I also love an old book by a woman, I wish there were more. Worth the read, especially with the zero price tag on Apple Books.