Dreaming of You - Jennifer McNare

Dreaming of You

By Jennifer McNare

  • Release Date: 2012-11-01
  • Genre: Historical
Score: 4.5
From 751 Ratings


Their passion was ignited by a treachery neither of them could have ever foreseen, yet it resulted in a love that was destined to last forever…

To secure the wellbeing of her beloved family, Melody Settrington agrees to marry Charles Cavendish, the elderly Earl of Edgington, despite her reservations.  However, the innocent young beauty has no idea what her new husband will demand of her, once they are legally wed.  It isn’t long however, before Melody discovers that the widowed earl had a purpose in choosing her for his bride, the daughter of an impoverished country baron.  Impotent and childless, Charles is in desperate need of an heir, in addition to someone he can force into going along with the heinous scheme he has concocted.

Gavin Montrose, son of the wealthy Duke of Rutherford, is as charming as he is handsome.  However, unbeknownst to him, he is also the man Charles Cavendish has selected to father his heir.  Abducted from the grounds of his family’s country estate, he awakens to find himself in the midst of a nightmare.  Assuming that he has been abducted for ransom, Gavin is stunned to learn of his mysterious abductor’s true purpose.  To gain his freedom and protect his family from harm, he must father a child he will never meet, with a woman whose name he will never know and whose face he will never see.  

Desperate to safeguard the people they love, both Melody and Gavin have no choice but to go along with the insanity that has been forced upon them or suffer the unbearable consequences.  Compelled to meet in absolute darkness in the bedchamber of an isolated cottage, their identities a fiercely guarded secret, they will develop a bond neither of them had anticipated and discover a passion more powerful than either of them could have possibly imagined.  But dare they call it love?

Years later, when fate intervenes and Gavin and Melody’s paths inadvertently cross…


  • Need to Read

    By Castlesfort7t
    I don't know where this author came up with this idea for a book...but it is brilliant. I felt Melody's pain and joy through this entire book. I can't wait to read others by her. I did just find out this is book two in a series...ooops! Suspense and desire through this whole book!! Anyone who loves romance with a little intrigue...read this book!!!
  • Great story

    By Doglvr 418
    This was a great romantic story! There were a few grammar errors but overall it was a good love story.
  • Four and three-quarters stars, if I could

    By SpecCollLib
    Much as some of her other books have done, "Dreaming of You" brought me to tears on numerous occasions. I truly felt connected to Melody & Gavin, their pain was palpable. Wonderful, wonderful story -- worthy of 5 stars, but the numerous little grammatical errors (nothing that interrupts the flow but noticeable all the same) make it so I cannot in good conscience rate it as such; if I could I'd rate this book at 4.75 stars. Read this book. You will be glad you did!
  • Nice

    By Lakeside sal
    Could not stop reading, till the end.
  • Wonderful Read

    By Workinglady123
    Thoroughly enjoyed this book. The characters had good depth and the story line kept me interested throughout. Had a hard time putting down. Looking forward to more from this author.
  • Loved it!

    By mikileks
    One of the best books! I really enjoyed this book! Just amazing!
  • Dreaming of You. Oceanrosebud

    By Oceanrosebud
    An absolute JEM! This is a beautiful love story that will keep you fixated from the first page to the last waiting for these two characters, Gavin and Melody, to have their love finally realized. The well-developed plot has many twists that you will find it difficult to put the book down. McNare writes with flare and her characters are realistic which is why you feel so strongly for both of their trials. An interesting and unusual story line just adds further dimension to this wonderful love story. This is a MUST READ novel that will not disappoint the romance reader!!
  • Fabulous Story

    By SjB97
    This was an amazing book! I could not put it down! I cannot wait to read another book by Jennifer!
  • Dreaming of You

    By Lisa1234!
    Wonderful book! Could not put it down!
  • Loved it

    By Sue2020smith
    Very entertaining loved every part of this book