Geometry - Edward B/ Burger, Ph.D., David J. Chard, Ph.D., Paul A. Kennedy, Ph.D., Steven J. Leinwand, Freddie L. Renfro, MA, Tom W. Roby, Ph.D. & Bert K. Waits, Ph.D.


By Edward B/ Burger, Ph.D., David J. Chard, Ph.D., Paul A. Kennedy, Ph.D., Steven J. Leinwand, Freddie L. Renfro, MA, Tom W. Roby, Ph.D. & Bert K. Waits, Ph.D.

  • Release Date: 2013-06-19
  • Genre: Geometry
Score: 3
From 41 Ratings


Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Geometry offers comprehensive instruction, assessment and intervention tools that you need to cover the Common Core Standards and provide multiple opportunities for students to master the Standards for Mathematical Practice
This special edition for iBooks offers the latest technology and multimedia-rich resources. These interactive, visually stunning resources engage students in a unique and exciting way. Media resources include Video Tutorials, Real-World Videos, Tap to Reveal answers, Quizzes, Animations, and Interactive Graphics.


  • Will not download

    By AmarOriginal
    Does not download. I needed this book for Geometry class and failed the first half of the day because I didn't have it. Does not download and when it starts, it soon says its unable to. I have plenty of storage available. Fix
  • Wont download

    By MCSniper123456
    I've tried about 13 times and this book just won't download. It gets stuck at about 3/4.
  • Distribution for Bulk iPads

    By whodeym
    This book is wonderful; that’s why we picked it. However, we soon found out that many students’ iPads would not download the iBook. Roughly half of our students were able to actually get the book to download and work. We distributed codes through our MDM self-service app. After 2 months of Help desk fiascos, and many many calls to HMH and Apple, I finally got to someone who knew how to help. NO ONE understood the problem nor did any of the employees understand how the iPad works with iBook textbooks and MDM. The Apple technician who finally helped, gave us a full refund, which was very honorable and restored our faith in Apple. I am sure they will get this glitch worked out between the textbook companies and iBooks, until then, I’ll wait.
  • Amazing!

    By LA Tekkies - Pacbell
    I spent days researching articles and checking out sample ibooks to decide on a Geometry iBook to compliment my daughter's current school textbook. The two others closest to this one was the Pearson and McGraw-hill, but the were just iBooks with a small amount of extra content and they had limited interactive features. Definitely a great start but, not different enough from a standard textbook. My daughter like many children born in the digital era, often looks at a standard textbook like it she'd rather have her teeth drilled then read it. And honestly who could blame her, it's dry and there are no explained step by step answers and very few examples. Sure you can jump from the textbook to Kahn Academy videos and other Math help software and there is a ton of it out there. But this book so beautifully marries it all. First a word about installation. Its not simple, and since the ibook is over 2000 pages and packed with videos it's a whopping 3.16 GB. After attempting to load it myself for a couple of hours (literally) clearing out every other book, song and photo, backing up my whole iPad to the cloud and I still couldn't get it to even start downloading I called the fantastic people with Apple Care and I was handed off to a wonderful senior tech, James Dawson. With his help I was able to download it to my Mac and sync it to my iPad, hurray success! Well after all that came the true test, did I just waste an entire Saturday on a useless iBook? The first step was handing her the iPad and allowing her to freely explore the videos, pop up definitions, and other interactive goodies and wait for it..she loved it!!! In fact she was glued to it. She started with a pretest which had immediate feedback answers. (There was one error with a wrong answer in the test) but to my amazement she enthusiastically continued to chapter one. She watched the videos, answered questions, read all the explanations and was actually studying a Math textbook! Interestingly I didn't notice when I purchased the book but the famous Ed Burger is one of the authors and all his videos are utilized throughout the book, well that was the icing on the cake! I enthusiastically recommend this amazing iBook and I thank the authors for raising the bar on itextbooks.